“Rinascimenti Privati”, literally translated as Private Renaissances, explores the themes of healing and rebirth that have been central to my artistic research and practice in the last years.
Classical looking female figures are represented in their quest for a deeper awareness, through painful yet revelatory initiations to the life/death/life cycle.
The use of a limited color palette (black, white, shades of nude with gold and red accents) and the complete elimination of the subjects’ identity and time-space context are aimed at keeping the narrative elements to a minimum, getting to the core of the act or moment depicted. 
The women I portray are often concealed by a veil or mask, confined in a liminal space that protects their evolving nature, like a cocoon, but at the same times separates them from their true essence and wholeness.
The woman will have to tear the veil apart, honor her scars and allow what must die to die. Only through this cyclical process of self-regeneration she can tap into her inner power and rediscover a quiet confidence in the divine feminine within her.
"The one who re-creates from that which has died is always a double-sided archetype. The Creation Mother is always also the Death Mother and vice versa. Because of this dual nature, or double-tasking, the great work before us is to learn to understand what around and about us and what within us must live, and what must die. Our work is to apprehend the timing of both; to allow what must die to die, and what must live to live." C. P. Estés
Rinascimenti Privati is a self portrait project, presented as a series of large limited edition archival prints, up to 100x150 cm - 39x59 inches approximately. 
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